About Us

With over 40 years of experience in building unique and modern homes, you can trust Chrystal Homes to deliver your dream home, on time & on budget.

“Our aim is to provide the highest level of customer service”

Chrystal Homes is reputed for high quality home construction projects while providing excellent customer service by maintaining open communication; keeping our clients well informed and clarifying all stages of the building process from design, documentation, applications for permits, to procurement and construction. Our approach of involving the client throughout the building process of their home will not only ensure the timely completion but also that their requirements are heard and fulfilled.

We understand that the building process is a team effort. For this reason, we bring together all the collaborating partners of the project including the Client, Designers, the Architect, the Builder and Subcontractors, and utilize all their specialist skills to guarantee a successful home construction with peace of mind for the client. We aim to respect all stakeholders within the building process and strive to build good relationships between each other. We are committed to developing and maintaining a reputation of best practice and service within the industry.

Our Objectives

  • Be a professional and successful business while developing a reputation for building high quality homes at an affordable price.
  • Embrace best practices by having close relationships with competent and qualified contractors.
  • Implement safe work practice and maintain a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety process in place.
  • Build quality homes which are tailored to the client and create properties that suited to their modern lifestyle.
  • Build unique homes and establish close ties with reputed and innovative designers who employ modern skills and cutting-edge technology.
  • Ensure all Australian Standards, Building Codes and Regulations are enforced and adhered to.

Why Chrystal Homes?

Chrystal Homes are expert custom home builders for the Melbourne area.

We are specialists in the design and construction of home extensions. When you work with us you will benefit from an outstanding reputation and over 50 years of industry experience.

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